SELF’s Drop10Challenge w/ K&K

I’m so proud of my trainers!! Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up! are the trainers for Self Magazine‘s Drop 10 Challenge. Self has come up with menu and recipes for your day-to-day battle, and K&K has taken care of the workout plan! This is soooo fun! Read more about the Drop10Challenge here.

For the workouts? Here they are:

Toning routines: Do these 8 moves twice a week, 2 sets of 12 reps each

Click the photo to see the full workout ^^


Cardio routines: 3x/week and you’ll achieve that goal!!

A different HIIT move everytime 😉


So for Week One, here are the cardio routines ^^

Workout 1 – HIIT It: Calorie Sizzler


I did this last Saturday, oh wow! The burn was awesome! I was so tired but I enjoyed it!


Workout 2 – HIIT It: Inches Eraser

Inches be gone!!

This was my Thursday Challenge move!


Workout 3 – Downsizing Duet

Your choice of fun cardio for 2 miles ^^

Now this is going to be my #bootycall workout on my birthday! YAY!


Are you doing this challenge with me?

So how was your first week? 🙂


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