About Me

Eager traveler. Mountaineer and camper. Food lover. Adventurer wannabe. Fitness junkie.

I love chocolates!!  😀

I’m in love with nature and nature is in love with me (I wish).

I love how the breeze brushes my face gently as the flowers sway to greet me.

I run, workout, climb mountains, travel, dream, hike with friends, try to eat healthy, walk at night, laugh so loud, cry at movies, wish on shooting stars and enjoy every moment of my life.

I live healthily, happily and lovingly.

I like discovering new places, new people and new strengths I never knew I had.

I marvel at the beauty of the world.

About this Blog:

This is a documentation of my life – a journal if you must. I will write down my new adventures and experiences and share with you the fun. I enjoy meeting new people so I’d like to know you as well! Comment and share your thoughts and happiness. When you share,it comes back to you in multiple folds. 😉 This blog serves as our connection. Join me in my journey and follow this blog. Let’s be the best we can be. ^^ You and I have infinite potential. God speed!

Did I mention I loooove chocolates? 😀




chocolate is love. ❤


One thought on “About Me

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