Make PROGRESS, Not Excuses. – An experiment :D

Sorry I have been MIA. I enjoyed a longer-than-usual vacation with a couple of good friends. Photos to come! 🙂

One of my good friends happen to be a fitness/gym instructor so I took advantage of the vacation to ask him (more like ambush him) about workout routines, fitness, health and the like.

So I asked him about the most famous question: “How to lose weight?” and I got the most obvious answer: “Eat less, exercise more.”

Of course our goal really is to stay healthy and not just lose weight, right? So the more appropriate answer would probably be “eat right (or healthy) and workout”, but you get the point.

So anyway, I asked him about a lot of things (and so did my other friends) because a lot of you have also been asking me a lot of things (LOL) and as you know, I’m not a certified trainer nor a nutritionist, and he has been a trainer for like… forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but for the longest time. (Okay. I’ll stop rambling.)

Then I realized, not everyone has access to the gym or has weights at home. I asked him if it is possible to have a toned body without lifting weights, he said YES, probably easier and faster to achieve with weights, but possible to achieve using BODY WEIGHT.


I just had the crazy idea to try body weight routines for the next 4 weeks (or less? or more? Have not yet decided haha) to prove this theory. And this I say to those of you who have been putting off exercising – NO MORE EXCUSES. No more “gym does not fit my budget” or any other excuses that you may have.

So I will experiment using my own body. Haha! Gosh, things I do to ease boredom. But all for a good cause, yes? Tonight I will decide whether to do it for 2, 4, or 6 weeks. I might miss my kettlebell. LOL.

What do you think though? Please comment below. 🙂

I will blog about my decision tomorrow and I will post my initial measurements. Then after the experiment is done, I will again take my measurements and compare. Of course there will be before and after photos. 🙂

But for now, some photos of what I ate! ^^ (Ate some fish too :D)



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