Mix It Up Monday

I’m working all day today!! (Whaa? No more Monday Funday??)

Hehe. That’s because I’m swapping my Monday for a 5-day vacation!!! Woohoo!

I’m going island hopping in the Philippines and you might have heard of the infamous Boracay, but you have not seen the virgin islands of Bicol.

I’ve been to one island in 2010 (and I wore a t-shirt!). Here are a couple of pictures I managed to save.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes that was me in one of the pictures, wearing a hooded jacket. Hah! Wait for the coming pics and I will be on a bikini. 😉

As for my workouts (Day57 of #150daychallenge), I mixed it up!!

I did Toned in ’12 Abs from TIU and Hot Abs from Blogilates. 😉

Doing the Lean Legs and Lean Abs Pyramid in a few minutes.

As for my food, I’ve been snacking on a whole wheat bread w/ raisins and walnuts topped with almond butter spread. I already had two. And an apple. Gosh, I haven’t been eating a lot lately. I’m just thirsty. I already finished 2.5L at the moment of speaking and it’s only 3:30 pm. I will get back on track with my healthy eating. 😉

Yesterday was so much fun though, I blended whatever I have in the fridge. Ugh, forgot to take a pic. I blended cucumber, mangoes, cantaloupe and greek yogurt. YUM!!!

And, I just bought a new electric oven. Yey!! So definitely going back to healthy eating.

Oh, and I also ate this.

cucumber, tomatoes, red bell pepper salad w/ corn tortilla

I’m soooo ready for summer!! ^^

How about you? 🙂


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