Healthy vs Losing weight: How to start?

So you want to be healthy? Or you just want to lose weight?

I am no expert, but experience taught me that losing weight isn’t a great goal. Why?

Because you can lose weight and still be weak. If losing weight is your main goal, you’ll skip meals, count calories, choose to munch on empty calories, and all other wrong decisions just to be skinny.

But if your goal is to be fit and strong, you’ll move. You will make your muscles work. You will eat. You will watch portions instead of calories (unless you want to get paranoid, plus, if you really want to count calories, it really matters where the calories come from i.e., 100cal of avocado is better than 60cal of donuts. To understand better, click here!). You will choose natural vs processed food. You will hate refined sugar. You will have enough sleep. You will respect your body.

Inside you will feel happier, more fulfilled. And outside, it will show, trust me. 🙂

Choose to be strong.

You will be healthy because you choose to be healthy. You will feel more alive, more energetic.

got that right!

So how do you start?

Begin with a goal and decide. Create a plan. Follow through with action and make it a habit.

You can join a program or adopt a meal plan. Choose your start date (better be today!) and an end date for a short-term goal. (You may want to join us for #150daychallenge to start off. Follow my tweets for that). Don’t forget to reward your successes. 


My goal is to be stronger and to have more energy so I could climb more mountains. I want to run around with my nieces and not complain about my asthma. I want to look and feel happier and more vibrant.

the trick is to turn fat into muscle weight 😉

Find a mentor who has done what you want to do. Join a community or group with the same goal as yours.

A community or group is especially helpful when you run out of ideas on what to eat or cook, when you need support and extra motivation and especially when you want to share your success. 😉

I found mine in the form of Tone It Up and the awesome TIU Community. Join us! 😉

You will find out that there will be bumps on the road and maybe you’ll slip a few times, but that’s okay. Never give up. When you have fallen down, stand back up and keep pushing. If you took a step back, take 3 stronger steps forward.

Know why you want this and whom you’re doing it for.

When you feel like giving up, always look back to the reason behind your goal. Why do you want to be fit and healthy? Why is this important for you? Whom are you doing it for?

As for me, I just want to live longer. I want to enjoy the best that the world can offer. I’m doing this for myself and for my family. I’m doing this for the bungee jumps, mountains, long hikes and camping. I’m doing this so I can feel the breeze to my face when I run my first 5k, 10k and 15k. 

to outrun the zombies!!!

Just do it! 😉

Join me in this journey. Let’s be the healthier versions of ourselves.

Smile often and keep lovin’. ❤


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