A Healthy Happy Birthday To Me!!

Managed to eat healthy on my 3-day birthday celebration. ^^

Well, almost. 😀

It was so much fun and just made me want to workout more after 3 days of eating much! LOL

And to add more fun to this, I went to the airport earlier (4am!!) and for that I missed my #bootycall. So… I did some jumping jacks while at the arrival bay! 😀

To know more about jumping jacks and why it’s good for you, click here.

Have fun people!!!



Thanks again to everyone who remembered to greet me and made an effort. ❤

Thank you for making my day extra special. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Healthy Happy Birthday To Me!!

  1. Hiyee baby! Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed your birthday celebration with me. 🙂

    Maybe on my birthday, instead of eating out, cook for me instead? He he he.

    I really enjoyed the kale + spinachi salad you created and that goooey green drink that tastes like banana. 😛

    Share some love on the recipes will you? Thanks!

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