Weekly Check-in???

I have been MIA this week. So irresponsible of me.

Instead of scheduling my posts I decided to just make this one long weekly check-in to update you on how my week has been so far…

Monday Funday!

– More of a Monday-extension-of-sunday funday 😛 Last Sunday I met with my mountaineer friends after almost a year of not climbing together. Wanna know how long it’s been?? One of my girlfriends already gave birth to a baby girl!! Hahahaha I didn’t even know she was pregnant with Baby Eofie, what kind of friend am I??? Anyway, it was still fun. We laughed and shared stories. We scheduled our next climb so there will be pictures and new stories to tell. Watch out!!

Tuesday Tips ^^

– Tuesdays are for my Upper Body and Back workouts. And for the tips, I got ’em from my girlfriend Fit Food Junkie. On days like this I usually follow the Lean Arms Pyramid and I tell you, it can be taxing! But Sharisse (Fit Food Junkie) says…

Just do two more.

It’s as simple as that. When you really can’t do anymore, like, seriously can’t do anymore. Just do two more. When your legs are shaking from squats and you can barely stand up, just do two more. When your arms wont push you up from a push-up anymore, just do two more.When you can’t walk up anymore stairs, just do two more.

– follow her blog and you’ll never go wrong. 😉

New Moves Wednesday 0=0

– So I signed up for Self Magazine’s Drop 10 Challenge. Although, I’m really not after losing 10 lbs. I’ll still probably tone about 2-5 lbs of fat and I’m hoping they would be muscles. He he he. I just really want to have a stronger body and tighter core. So I’ll probably swap a few meals and still follow Tone It Up’s food tips re: treats and sugars. 🙂 As for the toning moves, get ’em here! Have fun!!

Thursday Challenge \m/

– Thursdays are for Lower Body exercises, so I did my usual Lean Legs Pyramid. But what really got me chasing my breath was Self’s HIIT Routines. I did Workout 1 last Saturday, and here‘s workout#2 and #3. 🙂 SWEAT and breathe!!

Weekend Experiments 😀

– Oh lovely Friday! 🙂 I’ve been craving for a green smoothie all week but I haven’t had the chance to buy me all the ingredients. So… I just place whatever’s in the fridge into the blender and voila! A Green Concoction that I love! As for the measurements, I just estimated everything to my taste buds’ liking. Please be kind.

Green and slimy 😛



Vanilla Almond Milk

Almond Butter

Frozen Banana


Just blend and enjoy!! 🙂

So today is Saturday and I have plans to eat out with the boyfriend, I’m sure I will manage to eat lean, clean and green. And tomorrow’s my BIRTHDAY!!! Yay! and of course, I will binge… on healthy food choices still!

I mean, I won’t lie, I have slips and on some days I really crave for unhealthy treats like deep fried sweet potatoes covered in sugar (ohmigosh!) and my usual chocolates. But I try my best to really not give in after a few bites. I workout and on days that I need to rest, c’mon we all need to, I still feel the need to walk around and so I do.

Sometimes, I even lose focus and I don’t feel motivated and that’s why I’m thankful for those people who truly blessed me with their love, care and support. They believe in me, why can’t I believe myself, right? 😉

I also found this wonderful post from Tina Reale‘s website. She blogged about whether having abs is a realistic goal or not. You can read it full when you click the link: “Six-Pack Abs: A Realistic Goal Or Not?“. It has opened my eyes and brought me back to the reason why I decided to be fit, healthy and strong – and that is to live longer and enjoy more happy moments with my family. The “sexy” body will definitely follow, but if we focus on that and we get frustrated, we can fail.

So remember why you’re working out on days when you feel like giving up. Remember why you want to be fit when faced with a choice between fast food and making your own meal.

Don’t deprive yourself of a few treats once in a while and always do what makes you happy, not just for the moment, but for the longest time.

Stay strong and smile often. Remember, you’re doing it for someone special… YOU. 🙂 😉 😀


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