#150daychallenge and #MarchingToBeFit

I am so grateful for Tone It Up! because through them, I come to know so many girls sharing the same passion for fitness and healthy living as me.

I’d like to introduce you to two of those friends. I haven’t even met them but they have been truly inspiring and motivating #TIUsisters 🙂

Jade Nguyen started #150daychallenge on Twitter (Follow her for updates, she also has a blog ^^)

What is the #150daychallenge?

From the 16-year old, healthy-living blogger herself, the answer is:

Create your own start/end date for you to work out for 150 days to get fit in time for the summer!

So I started on the 6th of Feb and my end date is on the 4th of July!! Woohoo!! So currently I am on my 41st day! Wow! Has it been that long? 😀

If you are wondering what kind of workouts we do, my answer is… anything! Haha! We follow TIU recommended routines and vids, but we also try other workouts. As for me, I like routines from Blogilates.com, Fit2Flex.com and other Self.com. You can also try DVD workouts, I personally recommend Insanity (it is INSANE!) 🙂

Kristen Elizabeth started #MarchingToBeFit. Here is what she has to say about it. 🙂 Follow her too!

Do you want to get fit this March? 🙂

So I’m creating a form as a checklist for this because I haven’t been faithfully checking in with them. Completely my fault.

But I just want to say that my life has changed a lot having all these beautiful ladies, Jade and Kristen included, as a support system. I didn’t realize that wanting to be fit and healthy was going to be so tough and having these ladies, and a whole lot more awesome women from ToneItUp!, as #TIUsisters made it easier for me to reach my goals.

Here’s to fitness and healthy-living!! Cheers!!


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