I Totally Did It!

Hah! I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and I felt really awake!

5:30 a.m.

What time is it??

So I prepared myself for my EARLY morning adventure.

I decided to call my Mondays as “Monday Funday!”. Monday is usually the start of my week and I’d like to give my week a boost with something really fun to do plus a challenge. Then I will reward myself on Sunday if I’m able to do the challenge consistently for a week. Okay, ready? 🙂

So, to stretch myself, I will get up each morning at 5:30. 

For today’s Monday Funday! I decided to walk outside the house. I usually do this on the weekends when I go to a local stadium or university with my boyfriend but I thought, “why not do it today?” 🙂

What made this fun (aside from the walking part), is that I don’t really walk around my neighborhood. I really do not. So, it is kind of a new experience for me. Also, because I usually wake up at 7:00-7:30 am, I did not realize how busy the streets look at this time! Haha! 😀

Since I started working from home, I forgot how busy the streets look like in the morning. I was surprised to see a lot of elderly women walking and by the looks of it, they’ve been doing it far longer than I have! I will try to walk with them next time. 😉

It was so early in the morning so the sky was still a bit dark, but it was also about to rain so there were a few clouds in the sky. I passed by the river, which I haven’t seen for a long time. (Told you I don’t walk around the neighborhood. He he.)


I've never seen it so still and serene.

As I was going back, there were already a lot of people on the side walk and I really did not want to slow down, but the man in front of me was taking his time, probably delaying to work.

"Could you please walk faster?"

As you can see the bridge’s side walk was a bit narrow. The river is on my right side and there were cars on my left. So I really wanted to hurry safely back to the path going home. Plus, I did not want to decrease my pace. So I just swerved and overtook this man like a car in the highway. LOL

When I got home, I made a protein pancake (Another fun activity, but I forgot to take a picture ;P) and continued with my #bootycall before eating.

I did #Fit2Flex50 Week3 with extra 10sec of plank after 10 reps of plank push-ups. I finished my routine with ToneItUp‘s Abs Circuit. Took me about 40-45 minutes with a few seconds of rest in between sets. I promise to log my accurate duration next time, peace! ;P

For a quick guide to my workout routines, you can go to to the Fit Routines menu above and click on Workout-of-the-day.

I will add another routine later as a midday workout. I’m thinking of POP Pilates from Blogilates.

Later! ^^

What else can I do for fun today… 🙂

Say this with me guys:

“The world is my playground and I’m having fun everyday! ;)”


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